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What the data says about Australia’s NBN coverage

What the data says about Australia’s NBN coverage

The NBN Co’s NBN rollout has been plagued by delays, cancellations and service outages.

The company has admitted that it has struggled to get the NBN rolling because it does not have enough cash to build the network and has struggled in recent years to keep pace with demand.

But the NBN Co has faced mounting criticism for the delays, with independent analysis showing that the rollout has not delivered as promised.

As part of the NBN’s capital plan, the Government has promised $12.5 billion over four years to build a new network for households and businesses in the state of Victoria, and the NBN Corp has admitted it has been unable to pay for this project.

The Labor Opposition has accused the NBN of failing to deliver on its capital plan commitments and the Coalition Government of failing in its promises to build infrastructure.

The Opposition is also calling for a full audit of the project and for a review of the state-owned NBN Co to ensure that the company is doing everything it can to deliver the NBN.

“The NBN Co is failing us,” said Mr Hanson.

“We are getting more than half of our broadband needs from the NBN which has cost our taxpayers a staggering $2 billion in interest.”

Our NBN is failing our economy.

“So why are they building this expensive infrastructure in the first place?”

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