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Shinen TV announces $2 million acquisition of YouTube and other platforms

Shinen TV announces $2 million acquisition of YouTube and other platforms

Shinen Media, the Japanese video-on-demand platform for streaming video and music, has announced the acquisition of the popular YouTube and SoundCloud platforms.

The company said it is investing $2.6 million to become the exclusive video-streaming service for Japanese video creators, while also acquiring more than 2,000 other platforms and apps.

It also announced it will launch its own streaming service for artists and creators. 

Shinen Media has been building its business around the Internet video platform YouTube, which offers more than 30 million subscribers in the U.S. alone.

Shinen will be the company’s third-largest player on YouTube.

It has an estimated 10 million video views, and over 80 million views of its YouTube videos, according to a press release from Shinen. 

The deal comes as YouTube continues to face pressure from antitrust regulators.

The U.K. Federal Communications Commission recently announced a review of how YouTube and the other platforms that it serves comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s rules for “fairness and consumer protection,” and some other regulatory changes.

In its report, the FCC said that YouTube and its YouTube partners failed to “protect consumers from misleading content” and to “expose users to unfair and deceptive acts, practices, and policies.”

In addition, the commission cited YouTube’s refusal to give users a “direct link” to YouTube’s privacy policy. 

“This is a great day for YouTube and for Japanese creators,” said Shinen CEO Takuya Ishihara.

“We look forward to working with YouTube and providing a great platform for creators to showcase their works and showcase their creativity.”

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