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Classroom video: What the heck is a Sketchbook?

Classroom video: What the heck is a Sketchbook?

My students need to learn about Sketchbooks.

What are they?

Why are they important?

What are the pros and cons?

How do they work?

How can my students use them to help them develop better writing skills?

In this class, my students will use Sketchbooks as tools to practice reading and writing in a fun and engaging way.

Topics include: What are Sketchbooks?

Why do they help?

What does the name mean?

How are they different from other writing tools?

How to use SketchBooks for learning.

How to make a SketchBook.

What is a drawing notebook?

How is a sketchbook different from a book?

What’s the difference between Sketchbooks and other writing instruments?

When will I need a SketchBOOK?

How does a SketchBeam work?

Can I use a SketchBEAM to write on paper?

What is an ‘object’ in Sketchbooks (and how does it relate to Sketchbooks)?

How do I know if a sketch has been drawn?

Why is a pencil different from an eraser?

What makes a Sketch book unique?

When should I start drawing?

How should I choose a sketch to use?

How often should I draw?

Why not just use a sketch?

Why should I keep a sketch book?

How much does a sketch cost?

How long should a sketch be?

When I start a new sketchbook project, what do I do to make sure the sketchbook has enough material to complete the project?

Do I need to do a lot of sketchbooks?

Is it necessary to have lots of sketches?

What should I do if I don’t want to sketch?

What do I need in my sketchbook when I draw on it?

How many sketches should I have?

What if I draw the wrong color?

What to do if my sketch is blurry or out of focus?

How important is the color of the pencil?

How good is my sketch?

How bright is my pencil?

What color should I use in my pencils?

What kinds of pencils should I get?

What types of pencil tips do I use?

What kind of brushes do I want?

How will I know when I’m done drawing?

What colors should I always use?

When do I stop drawing?

When can I get back to drawing?

Where can I find a sketch of the same color as my pencil drawing?

Can my students see my sketches?

Do they need a sketchbooks to use in class?

Is a sketch too big to print?

What size should my sketch be and what size should I print?

How big is too big?

How wide is too wide?

How high should my drawing be?

How tall should my illustration be?

What shape should my artwork be?

Is my artwork too big for my sketchbooks or too small for my paper?

How far should my paper go in the sketch?

When my sketch should end?

What happens when my sketch ends?

How fast should I make my drawings?

What can I use to make the finished sketch?

Can the sketch be printed?

How large should my sketches be?

Can you use the sketchbooks for any kind of writing or drawing?

Is there anything I should do if it doesn’t work?

Does the sketch need a new pencil?

When does a pencil sketch work best?

Can a sketch have a name?

Is the name of a sketch wrong?

Is I drawing it wrong?

How hard should I work on a sketch for the first time?

What type of drawing should I be looking for?

What style of drawing does my sketch have?

How well do I feel the pencil sketch is drawing?

Should I change my drawing style every time I change the drawing style?

What tips do you use to write a sketch that looks good?

Can sketchbooks work for people with disabilities?

How safe is it to use a pencil to draw?

What would you do if you were the owner of a small business and you had a sketch with no drawings and no names on it that was not working well?

How would you handle that?

What about an artist who owns a sketchBook?

What advice would you give a business owner who owns sketchbooks and wants to make them more effective?

What might happen if you are trying to sell a sketchBOOK to a friend?

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