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How to stream a movie in a LAN on an Android tablet using an IP wireless modem

How to stream a movie in a LAN on an Android tablet using an IP wireless modem

This article describes how to connect an Android device to an Ethernet port on an Ethernet cable and then to a local Wifi network.

We are using an Ethernet laptop with an Ethernet interface, so that the device can be used as a remote device and as a Wi-Fi router, although it should work on any device that supports the WLAN interface.

If you want to use an Ethernet LAN as a WiFi router, see how to set up an Android computer with an 802.11ac WLAN card.

Note That we are using the Ethernet port of an Ethernet adapter that supports IEEE 802.15.1.

We can also use a wired Ethernet connection, although that requires that the cable be at least 4 feet (1.3 meters) long.

This article will show you how to make a simple connection to a LAN, as well as the steps you need to follow to enable WLAN support.

Note that if you want a LAN that supports WLAN, you will need to configure it to connect to an Internet-based network.

You can configure an Android to connect over an Ethernet network with the following steps: Connect to the Internet.

Select the LAN connection that you want.

In the upper-right corner of the interface, click on Network and select the LAN that you wish to connect.

If the Ethernet interface is not connected to the LAN, you may need to install additional software on your computer to set it up correctly.

In some cases, a software package may be required to connect the Ethernet adapter to the network.

In that case, select the Network interface and click on the Add button to configure the network connection.

In this window, you need the name of the network adapter to connect it to, the IP address of the adapter, and the port number.

Click OK.

Click Next to begin the next step.

Make sure that the WAN port is enabled.

This step can be automated by entering the IP and WLAN port numbers from the Network tab, which will be shown in Figure 1.

This allows you to specify that the LAN is an Ethernet connection and then click OK.

If your computer does not have an Ethernet hardware card, you can install the Ethernet driver.

In Windows, connect to the Wlan interface by typing LAN in the Run dialog box.

Note The Network tab shows the network device name in the upper right corner.

If no name is displayed, choose an existing device name.

Click Add.

Click the Network button.

Click Start.

Type the IP Address and Wlan Port number for the LAN.

Click Save.

The following window will open.

Figure 1 The Network interface.

You will see a list of the available interfaces.

Click on the LAN button and then on the left side of the window, click Add.

On the next screen, type the IP Number for the interface.

Click Apply.

If there is no change to the list, click OK and you will see the following window.

Figure 2 The list of available interfaces on the network interface list.

On this screen, click the Add link to select an existing interface and add it to the List of available devices.

On each of these screens, choose the network name, and click OK to save.

The network name shown on the list will change depending on which network interface you selected.

Figure 3 Shows the list of devices that are connected to a network interface on the Network list.

The list should look like Figure 3.

Note If the device name for an interface does not appear in the list because it is already selected, you must change the name.

To change the network’s name, select it in the network tab and click the Change name button.

The name you select will change the device to the name you specified.

If an interface is currently connected to an IP address that is outside of the default range of 0 to 255, you should check the Network box next to the interface’s address and click Apply.

To check that the name matches the device’s address, you could also check the checkbox in the name box.

If this is the case, click Apply and then enter the address and port number of the device you want on the address page.

The Device Name drop-down list on the Address page should show the correct name.

In order to change the default WLAN address, select Add a new WLAN to the Address section.

Note In Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003, the default address is 0.0.0/0.

If, instead, you select an address from the address list and then check the box that says “Use the default”, you will get an error message.

The Address page of the Network page is displayed in Figure 4.

Figure 4 The address list.

To connect the Android device, click and hold the Android Button on the right side of your device and then press the Connect button on the device.

To disconnect the device, press and hold and hold both the

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