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Why the Astros are good for Texas sports

Houston’s new ownership group is trying to get into Texas sports and its first priority is to make sure the Astros have a good chance to win a World Series.

Houston is currently the only MLB team that is not currently owned by a Texas company.

The Astros’ new owners have been able to sell a majority stake to a Texas investor in a deal valued at about $1 billion, which is far below the Astros’ current valuation of $4.7 billion.

The deal with the Texas investor was announced Friday, and Houston Astros owner Jim Crane and the new owners announced they are looking for a new stadium site to play in as well as more general support.

The Houston Astros and their new owners Jim Crane, left, and Rob Goldsmith, right, shake hands after the team announced their ownership plan at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, Thursday, March 10, 2019.AP Photo/Pat SullivanThe Astros and Goldsmith have been discussing a stadium plan for months.

It would cost about $4 billion to build a new ballpark for Houston, a city that is about 60% Hispanic.

The plan would include a $2 billion extension of the existing stadium that was opened in 2005 and is the Astros home.

The Astros, who have the league’s second-worst record, are not in the market for a major league baseball team, but they are trying to make a run at the World Series by playing in Texas.

The team has a shot to win the World League Championship Series.

In addition to a new home, the Astros would also need to get a new baseball team in place and play at a new venue.

The stadium proposal is likely to cost at least $1.5 billion.

It also would have to be financed in part by raising the $2.2 billion the Astros already owe on the Astroturf stadium, which the team will be vacating after the 2019 season.

The new owners will have to make some tough decisions about the future of the Astros.

The current ownership group was formed in the midst of the World War II era, when the Astros had their first franchise in the majors.

The club was not in any way connected to the war effort, and the Astros were not even part of the United States during World War Two.

The organization was named for a U.S. Army officer who was shot down over Germany and captured.

The new ownership is trying the same thing with a new ownership.

The current ownership has made no secret of the fact that it is not interested in taking the team to the World Cup.

This year, Houston is the only major American city that hasn’t hosted a major professional sports event.

It’s also the only city that has not been able as the World Baseball Classic is held annually in the U.K. The American League West champion Houston Astros are scheduled to play the Los Angeles Dodgers in a home game on Sept. 16.

The team has already announced that it will vacate its Astrodomestadium in 2019.

The Astrodrome is not expected to reopen until 2020.

The franchise is hoping to find a new temporary home in 2019 or 2020.

The Astroturbeds owners said they plan to announce plans for a stadium site next year.

The deal is expected to be announced by the end of next month.

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