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How Trump’s ‘pivot to the center’ could hurt Hillary in 2020

The media, the media, and the media have been waiting for the last four years for Donald Trump to pull his candidacy back into the center.

The president-elect has been so desperate to pivot that he is now offering a $10 million campaign contribution to the Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action. 

This is not a mistake.

Trump has been trying to pivot the GOP from the center to the far right for years, but he has not yet been able to do it.

In fact, the Trump campaign has been working for months on a pivot that could actually hurt Clinton in 2020.

Clinton has already built her campaign in a way that will appeal to the Republican base, especially white working class voters who support Trump.

But as the race has tightened, Trump has been focusing more on appealing to white voters, many of whom are white working-class men.

Trump has repeatedly called out his support for “the forgotten men and women of America” and said that he believes he can make a deal with them.

In this environment, Clinton needs to be very cautious in how she approaches Trump.

The media has been waiting to see how Trump will respond to the pivot.

Trump is already running against his own political base and is not willing to take the risk of losing the support of millions of voters who already see him as a danger to the country.

It is likely that Trump will try to use the pivot to attack Clinton.

If he wants to avoid a general election loss, he needs to make sure that he has the most appealing policies and is least vulnerable to attacks from the left.

But even if Trump is unable to capitalize on the pivot, he is still likely to face significant pressure from outside forces.

For example, some commentators have already begun warning that the Trump administration’s plan to allow transgender people to use bathrooms that match their gender identity could result in more violence in the future.

In this climate, the Clinton campaign could lose the election if it does not act now. 

The latest numbers from the Federal Election Commission show that Trump won more than 50% of the vote nationwide in the 2020 midterm elections.

But even with the Trump surge, Clinton will have a hard time capturing the White House if Trump loses.

In 2020, the party will need to win at least 25 seats in the House and hold at least 35 seats in statehouses to win back control of the Senate.

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