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Why the Media Is Afraid to Trust Donald Trump: Media’s Fear of Trump is Firing Up a Trump Supporter

Why the Media Is Afraid to Trust Donald Trump: Media’s Fear of Trump is Firing Up a Trump Supporter

By Michelle Nichols, The Washington PostA number of major media organizations have said they are ready to go with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, but some of the news organizations are still resisting the move.

In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday, several media organizations, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Wallis Review, wrote that they believe it’s wrong for the Trump campaign to go forward with the plan.

The companies argued that if Trump’s plan is implemented, the media would be forced to confront a candidate who has shown himself to be unfit for the presidency.

Trump has been at odds with the media since the beginning, particularly over his response to the mass shooting at a community center in South Carolina in June.

The candidate has previously claimed he was “not going to be a racist” and criticized the media for its coverage of the shooting.

But since the June shooting, Trump has been a vocal critic of the media, saying they are out of control and that they are failing him.

And he has been criticized for repeatedly criticizing the media in his campaign speeches.

He has even suggested that they could be in league with Russia to interfere in the U.S. election.

In his first speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference in July, Trump called the media a “cancer” and an “enemy of the American people.”

And in a video released on July 11, Trump criticized the news media as a “liberal-controlled, Democrat controlled, leftist controlled, communist controlled media.”

Trump has previously been at loggerheads with the news industry, and the media is also a target of his attacks.

In January, Trump claimed the media was purposely covering the release of an anti-Semitic song.

And in April, he said a reporter from Fox News had a “very unfair” assignment and that he wouldn’t be surprised if his son-in-law Jared Kushner was fired because of it.

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