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How to remove the Bose Companion Audio from your Nexus 5X device

How to remove the Bose Companion Audio from your Nexus 5X device

By removing the BOSE Companion Audio, you are removing your ability to connect your Nexus to the BOS.

If you have an older device that uses Bluetooth, you may need to upgrade your device to the latest BOS firmware before this method is viable.

The BOS works in conjunction with your Bluetooth devices, meaning if you don’t connect your device, it won’t recognize your device.

The easiest way to get rid of this is to uninstall and reinstall the BOSS, which is a rather simple process.

Here’s how:Uninstall and reininstall BOS to remove BOS from the Nexus 5 XIf you’re using an Android device that doesn’t support Bluetooth, there are a few different ways to remove it.

You can either manually uninstall BOS by navigating to Settings > About phone > System and disabling the Bluetooth check box.

Alternatively, you can install BOS manually by going to Settings> About phone and selecting the “bios” option.

You’ll then need to manually install BOSS manually by clicking on the Install button.

You may also need to restart your device and then re-install BOSS.

You can also uninstall BOSS by going into the Android System Settings and selecting “About phone”.

You’ll see a “bias” check box that indicates the device supports BOS, and you’ll need to enable it.

To remove BOSS from your device simply select it and then click “Uninstall Bios”.

Once you’ve installed BOS on your device there are two other options you can enable.

The first is called “BOS-disable”, which will disable BOS entirely.

The second is called BOS-enable, which will enable BOS but only if you have Bluetooth enabled.

You will need to re-enable BOS if you remove the Bluetooth connection.

The best way to test your BOS settings is to simply remove the device from your pocket, plug it in, and go through the process.

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