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Rangers will be ‘stung’ by OTT video game boycott

Rangers will be ‘stung’ by OTT video game boycott

LAS VEGAS — The New York Rangers are among the NHL teams who have signed contracts to have their logos used in OTT gaming video games, according to a league source.

The NHLPA had no comment.

The move comes as the league looks to expand its OTT content distribution in the wake of a slew of OTT sports-related lawsuits and as the NHL is gearing up to host its 40th anniversary season next season.

The Rangers and the NHL have both agreed to use their logos in new video game-based applications that allow players and teams to use the logos of their team and players for the purposes of branding merchandise, social media, online social media and even in-game events.

“The league will continue to support OTT, which we believe is a good business model and has been successful,” NHL spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

“It’s our intent to continue to work with them on the technology, the content, and the opportunities for the leagues and teams.”

The Rangers, who are currently without a game in the playoffs after a 3-2 loss to the New York Islanders, are also negotiating a new partnership with OTT game developer Epic Games.

The Rangers will also be used for advertising, promotions and other purposes related to the new games.

The New York City-based developer is expected to unveil a new sports-themed game this fall.

It is also developing the NHL League Pass, a subscription service that will allow fans to access premium content and games.

Epic Games, which was acquired by Disney in 2011, has a history of using its own logo in video games and was behind the original NBA Live video game and the popular online sports game League Pass.

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