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The Washington Post: Microsoft’s Windows 10 could be a major hit on smartphones

The Washington Post: Microsoft’s Windows 10 could be a major hit on smartphones

A new Windows 10 computer could soon be a big deal for consumers, according to some of the companies who have worked on the platform.

Microsoft, Apple, Google and Twitter are all working on competing platforms for smartphones and tablets, and they all believe they have the tools to do it better.

The companies all see Windows 10 as a powerful competitor to Apple’s iOS and Android.

While Apple has long held a dominant position in smartphones, the competition has grown since Android’s release and Google has recently become more focused on Android.

But Microsoft is now the leading platform on mobile computing.

It has been using the platform for a year and a half now, and it’s expected to dominate the smartphone market for years to come.

Microsoft has already begun to make strides in that arena.

It is working on a mobile app that will allow users to create and share apps that run on their smartphones.

It also recently introduced a new operating system for PCs that includes Cortana, its voice-activated personal assistant that users can ask Cortana questions, perform tasks and more.

Other companies are making moves to expand on Windows 10.

In August, Microsoft announced it was rolling out an upgrade to Windows 10 for its Surface devices.

The company also said it was developing a “universal” version of Windows 10 that would work on both Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft also announced in January that it would release Windows 10 Mobile to a range of new devices, including phones, tablets and laptops.

Microsoft also announced plans to release a Windows 10 mobile app for developers to build apps for, and soon to run on, phones and other devices.

Microsoft’s mobile ambitions are a sign that Microsoft isn’t going away anytime soon, as it’s working to gain a share of the smartphone and tablet market.

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