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How to make your own digital audio drop amplifier using a USB drive

How to make your own digital audio drop amplifier using a USB drive

A USB drive has a lot going for it when it comes to sound quality, and it can get more powerful when connected to your PC or Mac.

Here’s how you can make your very own.1.

Plug in your USB drive and your computer into a USB-to-Audio adapter.2.

Connect the USB drive to your computer via USB.3.

In the Control Panel, click “Settings” and “Audio”4.

Under “Audio devices,” click “Add device.”5.

On the left-hand side of the “Device” drop-down menu, click the “Add Device” button.6.

Click “Next” when prompted.7.

Enter the device name (in this case, “Dropbox” for “DropBox Multimedia”)8.

Click the “Next:” button.9.

Click on the “OK” button when prompted to complete.10.

You should see a list of all devices that have been added.11.

Click each device and click “Finish.”12.

Your USB drive is now plugged into your PC.

Now, let’s make sure that our USB drive works well with our computer!1.

Launch the Windows operating system.2: Right-click on the Windows icon in the taskbar and select “Run as administrator”3: Type in “C:\Windows\System32” and press Enter.4: Type “cmd” (without the quotes) and press enter.5: Enter the following command: c:\windows\system32\drivers\cdrom.sys (without quotation marks)6: Type the following commands into the command prompt: c: \\Dropbox\multimedia\Dropbox Multimedia\Multimedia.exe c:\Windows.sys c:\Dropbox.sys11.

Type “exit” and hit Enter.12.

Type in the following to exit the command-line process: c:/Program Files (x86)\Dropbox\\Multimedia\\DropboxMultimedia_32.exe

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