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How to get your Mexican passport back if you were deported to the US

How to get your Mexican passport back if you were deported to the US

The process of applying for a Mexican passport, or “residence permit,” is an important step in obtaining a green card in the US.

If you were detained or deported from Mexico in the past five years, or if you have a pending visa application, you must present a copy of the original Mexican passport.

The original Mexican passports can be found at embassies, consulates, consular offices, and at the border crossings.

Once you have obtained the original, you can apply for a renewal.

Once the process is complete, you will need to present the original for your next visa application.

Here are the steps you should take to get the original: If you lost your Mexican citizenship when you were a minor, you may need to reapply for a visa at a consulate or at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.

You may also be required to present an original passport to a consular officer in order to receive a renewal of your status.

For those who lost their citizenship in 2017, you should have a valid birth certificate from Mexico, but your birth certificate will not be accepted as proof of citizenship.

If your application for a green visa is denied, you do not need to provide proof of Mexican citizenship.

In order to get a renewal, you’ll need to submit your original passport.

Once your original is received, you are entitled to apply for an alternate green card.

For example, you might need to apply with a copy from your parents or siblings.

If the original passport has not been lost, you need to contact the Embassy of Mexico in Washington DC to have it reissued.

You’ll need a copy to get an official renewal, but if you lose your original, the new passport will not count as a valid green card if the visa application is denied.

If it is not a legal green card, the original will be returned to the Mexican Embassy in Washington and you’ll be required for a new green card application.

For more information about obtaining a visa or renewal, visit the Mexican embassy in Washington, DC.

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