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Why is Facebook’s new global video service not really a video service?

Why is Facebook’s new global video service not really a video service?

On Wednesday, the Facebook-owned social network announced it will soon launch a video-based video service that will include “many” different types of videos, and that it is “trying to figure out what that means.”

Facebook is also adding to the variety of types of content that can be posted on its platform, like photos, music, videos, news, videos of celebrities, and so on.

But Facebook’s announcement of the new video service, which is called Multimedia International Services, was met with mixed reactions from users, both positive and negative.

The social network said it would be adding video clips to video streams and videos of live events.

While many have been critical of Facebook’s recent video platform, the new service is more of a video sharing platform than a video streaming service.

Video streaming services have long had their own videos and other content offerings.

Facebook’s video service will be separate from those offerings, and users won’t be able to share videos from the new platform with others.

For many users, this is a good thing.

It means that the new Facebook video service is a video platform that is different than those video streaming services, and also different from YouTube and Snapchat.

But there are some caveats: Facebook’s plans for MultimediaInternationalServices aren’t limited to video.

It says that it will add video from a variety of sources, including audio and video.

That includes live events, news stories, and social media posts.

But the new Multimedia international service is expected to include “videos, photos, and other media from across the entire entertainment industry.”

And unlike YouTube, Facebook says that video streams will be added to the new content, so that the video of a live event will be visible to viewers watching it on Facebook.

The new video platform is also expected to integrate with Facebook’s search, which has traditionally been the site of its video content.

It’s not clear how many videos will be available for viewing in Multimediainternational services, or how many users will be able access Multimedia-based content.

Facebook says it has more than 200 million video subscribers and it has had more than 400 million video views.

Facebook has a long history of offering video services to its users.

It launched YouTube in 2006, and the company has had an international video service for a number of years.

YouTube also launched a video application in 2009.

But it hasn’t always had the best video experience for users.

Users can be bothered by slow video playback and lag.

The Facebook video platform will likely bring the video experience closer to that of YouTube, and could potentially make the platform easier to use for video-hungry users.

And the new app is expected in 2018.

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