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Facebook, LinkedIn, Google open their respective ‘CafePress’ sites for free on the web in a bid to increase diversity

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google open their respective ‘CafePress’ sites for free on the web in a bid to increase diversity

Hacker News has posted a blog post outlining the sites’ current plans for free hosting on the open web.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Google are set to open their own ‘CaféPress’ pages on the new open web platform, allowing users to access content without needing to pay for it.

The news comes as the social network continues to face pressure from US President Donald Trump over the issue of online harassment.

Mr Trump, who has been vocal about the problem, has also been accused of “sending out death threats” against people using the platform, and has claimed the threat of terrorism is being used to “target” the company.

He has also said that if he is elected, the company will be forced to disclose information about the number of fake accounts created by users, a claim that was quickly denied by Facebook.

“As a result of recent events, Facebook has announced that the platform will soon make available a free website to anyone who wants to host content without paying,” the blog post reads.

“This free site will be called CaféPress and will allow anyone to create a content sharing website and then monetise it for their users.”

A ‘free site’ for content sharing would mean the site was free to users and users would be able to view content without having to pay.

This means that if Facebook wanted to increase its diversity, it would have to allow for people to share content for free, but it does not seem to have done that yet.

Facebook has previously said that it would “make available a number of content sharing services” but there has been no news on how many have been offered, or if they are currently available.

“Cafepress is a free site, it is open to everyone,” the site states.

“We have plans to continue expanding our content sharing offerings and make them as accessible and as accessible as possible.”

Image credit: Hacker News

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