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Which company has the most Facebook video views?

Which company has the most Facebook video views?

Facebook has a pretty impressive track record when it comes to video views, but the company has had some issues with its monetization strategy.

As it turns out, it has some serious money to burn.

According to data from the research firm Digital Marketing Intelligence, Facebook has spent over $30 million on advertising since the launch of its mobile video service in 2012.

That’s more than a quarter of the total revenue that the company earned during that same time.

That $30 billion, however, has come with a catch: While the company’s revenue from Facebook has steadily grown over time, it’s been a rather slow growth rate.

In fact, according to the company, its average ad spend per user has only grown by $1 per month since the start of 2017.

That’s bad news for the average Facebook user, as it means the average user spends less than half of what they spent on video ads when Facebook launched its mobile app.

And even more troubling is that even if you exclude video ads, Facebook’s video revenue has been decreasing since 2013, which means the company could see its total ad revenue shrink by another $5 billion in the coming years.

That kind of loss will be especially hard to swallow if Facebook continues to invest heavily in advertising.

The company has already spent over a billion dollars on advertising this year, but it’s only made up for that by selling ads directly to consumers.

The average Facebook ad costs $10, while its ad buys have increased by an average of $1,000 per ad purchase.

The ads are often designed to appeal to people who like to share their interests and likes, so they don’t seem to hurt Facebook’s bottom line.

According to a new report from the Pew Research Center, however , Facebook’s ad spending is falling even further as a percentage of its overall revenue.

This is due to its increasing reliance on third-party publishers for its advertising.

According of the report, Facebook is spending only 16% of its ad dollars on third parties, while 46% is going to publishers.

While the Pew report is the first to quantify Facebook’s advertising spending, other research from digital marketers suggests that the video ads are not the only reason why Facebook’s revenue is dropping.

According, the company is also seeing the effects of increasing competition from competitors, as well as a slowing economy.

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