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What you need to know about Intel’s next-generation graphics card: Video presentation

What you need to know about Intel’s next-generation graphics card: Video presentation

In a move to compete against AMD, Intel is releasing a new graphics card in 2018.

Intel says its new graphics chip, called the “Mixed Reality Graphics Core Architecture,” is meant to take advantage of Intel’s new mixed reality hardware, a feature that will be used in immersive environments.

Intel said it has partnered with Microsoft, which will use its HoloLens VR headset to create mixed reality environments.

“The MRTCA architecture is a new architecture that will enable a variety of new immersive experiences in a seamless manner,” Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said in a statement.

“We are excited to offer the MRTAC platform to the HoloLens and the other VR headsets.”

Intel’s previous graphics chips have mostly been focused on PCs and tablets, but the company is now going all-in on a PC-based graphics stack.

In addition to the new MRTACE architecture, Intel will also be releasing new chips for use in consumer devices.

“With its new architecture, the company has built a new GPU, the Intel Graphics Core M2, that offers a faster and more efficient solution for the next generation of virtual reality,” Intel said in the release.

“It also delivers enhanced performance and features for immersive experiences, such as an enhanced multi-display capability that allows up to four displays to be attached to the same graphics card.”

The new graphics cards will be available for preorder beginning today.

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