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What It Means to Be a Realist in 2017: The New York Times

What It Means to Be a Realist in 2017: The New York Times

In the last week of December, the New York City Police Department arrested the city’s first black police officer, Daniel Pantaleo, in a video that was captured on a body camera worn by a civilian.

The video shows Pantalea, a 32-year-old black man, arresting a man who was suspected of committing a violent assault.

A bystander can be heard saying, “Don’t use a Taser on him, you’re going to put him in the hospital.”

The bystander was later identified as the man Pantaleas friend, Daniel DeLeon, who was later charged with first-degree murder.

The New Yorker has identified the bystander as an anonymous police source, who told the magazine that the officer who arrested Pantaleaco “did nothing wrong.”

The New Republic, a liberal magazine, has written about the NYPD’s tactics in the video, including that the bystanders’ statements to the camera “are clearly made with the intent to manipulate the facts of the case in order to make Pantalee look bad.”

The NYPD, which is still investigating the shooting of Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York, and has not yet released the body camera footage, has defended its use of body cameras, saying they help officers avoid situations where they could be held liable for actions they did not take.

The NYPD’s use of the technology is part of a larger national trend of police departments using body cameras in an effort to create an image of professionalism.

Police departments across the country are using cameras to record interactions with citizens, and many have encouraged officers to wear cameras while on duty.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who is white, has said the department has a policy to wear the devices during their work, and officers are expected to be on duty and record any interaction that takes place.

But police departments around the country have seen an uptick in their use of cameras.

In New York state, the department is using a camera on every patrol car, while the city of Philadelphia is deploying cameras in the city center.

And while police departments in Philadelphia have also begun deploying body cameras during their daily operations, the city has not released body camera videos of its officers’ actions on the job.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced in January that the city would start releasing body camera recordings in the spring.

But it is unclear if the department plans to use the footage to identify misconduct on the part of officers, or to conduct an internal review of officers who are seen using force in public.

In addition to the police department, many states and cities are looking to adopt body cameras as a way to create a public record of their use-of-force policies.

The use of a body cam is also being used by the federal government, as it investigates allegations of police misconduct in the wake of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

The department of justice is expected to release a report in the coming months on the case, which includes an analysis of the officers’ use of force.

Police officers in Chicago have been filmed on body cameras at police headquarters.

The city’s police department also has begun using body camera video of its employees, who are required to wear them on the clock.

The Chicago Police Department released a video in October that captured a man on a rooftop talking to his girlfriend.

In a statement released after the video’s release, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the officer, who has since been placed on administrative leave, did nothing wrong.

The statement said, “The video does not reflect the actions of the individual officer.

It is our belief that the actions in the recording were entirely appropriate and consistent with the training provided by the department.”

The video was filmed by the officer’s body camera, which the department said was recorded while the officer was on duty at the scene.

The Department of Justice, which released a report last month, also announced it would review police use- of-force investigations in the aftermath of Brown’s death, as well as the department’s policy for using body cams.

In Chicago, the video is being released after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a man named T.J. Miller, who claimed that the officers violated his constitutional rights when they used excessive force against him and others.

In the video the man can be seen in the back of a squad car, facing away from the officer and holding a sign with the words “Stop Killing Me.”

The officer, wearing a white jacket and gloves, tells the man, “If I had your back, you would be dead.”

Miller said he did not resist the officers because he did NOT have a weapon, and he said that he was “fearing for my life.”

The department said that the video “did not reflect any action of the officer or his colleagues, who were not acting in the manner described by Mr. Miller in the audio recording.”

But in a statement to reporters on Friday, Miller’s attorney,

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